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  • I ordered a bottle for my 9-year old granddaughter. She absolutely loves Stan’s Stuff on just about everything she eats. She is normally a picky eater. But, with Stan’s Stuff on her food, she normally cleans her plate!
  • Stan's Stuff is one of the best spice's I have ever used. I recently used it in a foil packet containing chicken, potatoes, corn and tomatoes. The only spice I used was Stan's Stuff and it was perfect! Great taste with just a little kick to it. I have since used it in the same way with different veggie and meat combinations and it is excellent every time.
  • Buttermilk Buffalo Chicken Wings made with Stans Stuff were absolutely incredible!! Love the multipurpose use of the seasoning. An essential staple for all kitchens and chefs out there.
  • 2 day old bagels, olive oil drizzle and a light shake of Stan's Stuff....yummmmm!
    Sondra GroomPC Marina Sales Associate
  • So far we have tried Stan's Stuff on salmon, grilled chicken sandwiches, and sprinkled on top of macaroni and cheese! I have to say this is my favorite seasoning in my pantry right now!
  • LOVE this stuff!!!! Just put it on ribs that I put in the crockpot!
  • Great product from Great people!!! Taste awesome on everything!!
  • Tried this product and absolutely enjoyed it...Only thing I use now!! Great product!!
  • Stans seasoning is the very best for any type of seafoods. We use it with our fish fry coating,and it is soo good!