The Seasoning

StSeasoning mman’s Stuff is an authentic seasoning from Panama City, Florida. This local favorite is an excellent choice for all your meats including steaks, pork, fish and chicken. Also sprinkle it on vegetables, salads, stews, and anything else you can think of for that extra burst of flavor! This seasoning contains five natural ingredients and contains no MSG, providing a healthy way to season your food everyday. We firmly believe that once you try it, you will be hooked for life!


The History

red fish

Captain Stan Cooper with his 34 inch red fish caught in St. Andrews Bay.

In 1990 Stan Cooper and his buddies were sitting around a campfire after a long day of hunting in Colorado. One of his friends shared a recipe he had for a spice he used on his deer meat and taught him how mix and measure different ingredients to create his own seasoning.

As Stan continued to hunt out West for the next 17 years he continued experimenting with different seasonings for his own use. Then back in his hometown of Panama City, FL he gave bottles of what they referred to as “the stuff” to his charter fishing trip customers to use on their fish.

Due to popular demand and much pleading in 2010, Stan and his wife, Georgia, decided to make Stan’s Stuff a reality. They started out mixing, weighing, bottling, sealing, and labeling it in the kitchens at Mike’s Diner and Philip’s Meats in Panama City. They were able to sell it in various local stores, seafood markets, and restaurants in the area where customers fell in love with Stan’s Stuff.

The Owner

king mackerel

Avalon Dudinsky with her king mackerel caught in the Gulf of Mexico.

Stan’s Stuff is proudly owned and operated by Avalon Dudinsky with Avind LLC.

As a Panama City native, she has grown up spending most of her summers on the water at Shell Island or fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. Throughout high school she was employed at Howell Tackle Supply where she met Stan and Georgia Cooper, creators of Stan’s Stuff.

She bought the company in the spring of 2016 and received the first shipment of Stan’s Stuff later that summer. She is working on establishing its roots in Panama City, FL and expanding its market to Southern Alabama.